TRB #5

14 new tracks, almost an hour long, from goth to electronica via punk and plunderphonics.  Please buy the music if you can.
Artist                                     Track

Aufbau Principle                 And The Bleeding Is Slow

PlantWater                           Ice Sculptures

Conformist                           Art Colony

ϟVoltajeϟ                               Injusticia

duck!                                     Do It For The Money, Bertrand

Bûcheron                            C’est Toi

Casual Burn                        Normopathy

Penance Stare                   Our Parents Told Us To Always Remember Home, The Evening Star

Klirre & Sajuuk                  Sajuuk – His Doom

Accuraat                              Leidenschaft

Home Ownership             Cut You

Morus                                   Codzienne

Aura en el espejo             Escarabajo

3rd Prize                                Huey And The Gooey Kablooie