Ghost Guilt – EP1


Durham’s only ruddy gone and done it again!  First ep from Ghost Guilt, due for release 29th November, you can pre-order now from Frux Tapes here.  Listen to the 1st track Billy Liar below, and if you don’t love it you’re probably dead.  It’s The Undertones with a north east accent, what’s not to love?

The band are playing at the wonderful Empty Shop in Durham (incidentally where I first met Crumbs, and No Ditching, so you know it’s got to be good) supporting Schwervon on the 4th December, event link here.  Get all social with Cat (keys and vocals), Ellie (drums), Stevo (bass and vocals) and Jonny (guitar and vocals) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but most importantly, pre-order the tape now!


Phew, I did it.  Another post about a band from Durham where I haven’t mentioned Martha.  Argh, bollocks……

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