It’s July and it’s dreich (where I live at least) so I did a drawing of sunshine and blue sky and seagulls and uploaded some music to listen to.  Details below the player, they’re all available as NYP on Bandcamp.  And I tree.  I forgot about the tree.

Hiroshima Hate Project – I – Greater Sorrow
Knoxville, Tennessee

Anewetak – Ultra – Ultra
Novosibirsk, Russia

Microwave Radiation Victims – 72 Statues (Single Mix) – 72 Statues (Single)
Connecticutt, USA

Cama Rosa – Gato – Gato​/​Angular
São Paulo, Brazil

Camp X-Ray – Red Hot Poker – Red Hot Poker-Break Yr Back (Session #1)
London, England

Nobodynose & The Troubles – I Found Out – The Album EP
Denton, Texas

žblj mozaik – kad sinusi odu na more – A što, Stanko, plod je briga, muka tvojih
Zagreb, Croatia

Nothing Band – Work, INC – Composure
Oakland, California


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