This isn’t aimed at anybody in particular, and I’m sure nobody will give a monkeys anyway.  If people want to send me emails of albums or singles or tours that need promoting, fine, I love hearing new music.  However, anything that says something along the lines of “Watch the new video exclusively on this website over here”, or “hear the new single only on bogsdollox.com” it’ll just get deleted.  You want to share something with everyone, great, I’ll try and post it.  If you want to keep something exclusive for an uber cool website somewhere, and then pass it down to the little people, that’s your prerogative, but I’m not joining in on the ego trip.  I’ll never ask you for an exclusive (at least not seriously.  I might do it in jest but you’ll probably know me by then and realise I’m kidding) because I don’t take myself that seriously or think I’m better than anyone else.*

Rant over.  The photo of Ronnie Biggs was taken off the internet from the Daily Star. Sue me.

*To be fair I probably do think I’m better than some people, but I don’t think I’m more important.  Just better.


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