2016 – The End

Final mix of the year, featuring the bands and artists I’ve posted about since the last time.  Thanks to all the bands/artists/labels/studios etc etc for making music to make me smile and be bothered to post about.  If you like any of it please go and buy it.  But if you can’t afford to just enjoy listening.  Here’s the tracklist:-

Swim Team – Sentez
Dora Maar – So, Young Fanatic
Eli Ballache and Jealous Girlfriend – Crisps
tv ugly – Slow Thighs
Correspondence – A Side
Future Star – I Hold My Own Hands Now
No Fun – I Could Be
Scarlett Taylor – Ignite
DEN – Life In Chains
The Wharves – The Strike
Mary Column – ~1
Molar – Javier
Helena Celle – Streaming Music For Biometrics
Garden Centre – Monster Energy
Suggested Friends – Chicken
Vital Idles – The Garden
Rhona Macfarlane – Golden Leaves

See you next year


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