The Oi Of Six


It’s only been 6 months since the last one, and it’s my 6th upload, so don’t worry too much about the title – it’s an in joke and at least one person will get it.  19 songs from bands I’ve featured recently(ish) on the blog.  Enjoy the music, buy some if you can afford to.  If you’re one of the bands and don’t want your track featured for whatever reason, please let me know and I’ll remove it.

The Meltaways Friends First
Smack Wizards Ipkiss
Slowcoaches Ex-Head
Virginia Sook Mandarin Song
MiSC Misery
Molars Richard’s Fear
Dumb Mustang Law
Giant Burger Sports Bottle
Jock Tears Kelly Kapowski
Passion Pusher Rudimentary Thinking
Velvet Orchid Mademoiselle Spaghetti
Far Corners Screwing Them Down
Tough Tits Hairless
Hated Related Really Sorry Now
Lorraine Gimbal Lock
Cowtown Clock In
Hausfrau Trivial Pursuits
Lush Purr Bananadine
Booji Boys Waiting 2 Die




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