The Friends Experiment

kids outdoors gorbals

The Friends Experiment is two things.  First of all, it’s a bad pun on an album title by my favourite band.  Secondly, it’s a series of albums/ep’s/singles on various formats that will be coming out periodically on Ski Pie Rage Records.  And all with a link.

It began when I offered to release some music for a friend.  This friend happened to share a house/flat with someone else I’d been considering releasing music with.  Cue the light bulb moment……

There are lots of people I know in Glasgow that live together but don’t necessarily make music together, so I thought I’d see what magic is lurking behind the net curtains*.  The format is up to the people taking part.  It could be tracks written and recorded together, or as individuals, or previously recorded material that’s been sitting in a drawer or on a laptop for months and years.  The first release is imminent and will feature Eli Ballache (Gus of Number4Door) and Jealous Girlfriend (Eilidh from Breakfast Muff and Rapid Tan).  Further releases (all limited edition) are already in the planning stage, featuring more of the amazingly talented people in Glasgow it’s my privilege to know.

Gorbals Boys Glasgow

But it doesn’t have to stop in Strathclyde.  If anyone reading this wants to take part or knows someone who might, please get in touch with me at or on my Facebook page here.

But for now, watch this space.  Hopefully I’ll have news of the first release soon!

*I’m old, we had net curtains when I was young.  I’m using imagery from my past, that’s all.

Footnote – I couldn’t find sources for either of the pictures on this post, so if they belong to you please get in touch and I will either give credit or remove.  Please also note that the Gorbals doesn’t actually look like this now, in case anyone was wondering.  I just liked the element of friendship in the photos.


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