The Gamuzzinos – 100% Pure Surf

It’s true you could accuse me of being a little Canada’centric on here over the past few months, but what’s a man supposed to do when there’s so much wonderful music coming from there?  I’m not going to apologise, but perhaps this might help a little – some surf rock from San Francisco and Spain, at the same time, released on a Spanish label.  Will that do you?

gamuzzinos 1

The Gamuzzinos are Will from San Francisco and and Dario from the south of Spain, 100% Pure Surf is their 4 track ep, released on vinyl and digitally by Saturno Records, a garage/punk/surf label based in Seville, Spain.  And it’s brilliant!  Don’t click on any of the links in this review and expect to discover the next big thing, I can’t give you that.  But what I can promise you is you’ll have a hell of a good time listening to 8 minutes of glorious garage rock n roll the way it’s meant to be played – with a smile.  Opener Amazonian Dialect will get you on your feet from the first reverb filled twang, and you won’t be sitting down again until the crashing finale of The Clam.

gamuzzinos 2

Limited edition of 50 released on 1st Feb, so get in quick while you still can.  It’s not ground breaking, but it’s fun and it makes you want to dance.  Just what life should be about.



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