Giant Burger – Kim Chemtrails

“Why’s my tomato breeding?”

I’ve stopped wearing ear plugs to gigs and when our band practices, so I may have misheard the line above.  It might be “breathing”.  But I think it’s “breeding”.


Kim Chemtrails is another track from the forthcoming Giant Burger album.  Just under 2 minutes of rockabilly pop prog funk for the masses.  I watched them via Periscope a few weeks ago, when they were in the studio (Sound Savers I think), preparing to record something.  That was intense enough, seeing someone stretch their vocal chords like that, but when you hear the result you understand why.  This track ups the intensity a little more.  It’s danceable in a shouty way.  I don’t think either of those words are proper words, but that’s what I think of when I hear this song.

When’s the album coming out?  No idea.  Ask the band.  In fact , you can ask them on the 27th Feb at the Veg Bar in London, where they’re performing with Mõnk and Loco Ono – fb event page is here.


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