Dumb -Beach Church

Dumb are one of those bands I hear and go “woah, where did that come from?”  But you don’t really care where it came from, you’re just glad it’s here.


Dumb are Nick Short, Felipe Morelli, Gal Av-Gay and Nir Av-Gay.  They’re from Vancouver, and they describe themselves as a “punk rock band!”  (the exclamation mark is theirs, not mine).  Following on from 2015’s 2 ep’s, Friendship and Tulips, which is the first release I heard, and the single 7-11, they have their first album was released on February 11th and it’s called Beach Church.


9 tracks that will worm their way into your life, but you won’t mind.  Going back to the bands description of their music as punk rock, I can see what they mean, but I think they’re a lot harder to tie down than that.  The music does sometimes remind me of mid to late 70’s experimental punk, a la Pere Ubu or Devo, especially on Refrain, but then Beach Church II is more reminiscent of early Cure tracks.  The aforementioned 7-11 is a more straight rock tune that you can’t help dancing to.  As all industry insiders know, the best way to get a song played on the radio is to have the word radio in the title.  I can’t see Nick Grimshaw playing Radio any time soon, it’s a little too acerbic for the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, but that’s Nick’s loss.  She’s The Only Pt Deux is nothing short of beautiful – “If I ever said goodbye, there would be the longest night” – wonderful.

Dumb are kind of wonderful, one of those bands you need to hear, and when you hear Beach Church you’ll want to hear more.  Currently available for download from Bandcamp, I’m reliably informed there’s a cassette version to follow very soon.  Whatever version you pick you’ll be happy.


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