ratbath – dead skin cells

dead skin cells

Sorry, but it’s another one of those reviews where I know nothing about the artist.  I’m guessing her name isn’t really ratbath, but I might be wrong.  Dead Skin Cells is a short collection of songs, ukulele and vocals only, apparently recorded on an iPhone.  Melancholy, sad, wistful and beautiful in equal measure – I think it’s wonderful.   Dark Hearts is my own favourite track – “I cry for you often, from my own coffin”, “…it’s our light that brings us fright even more than our darkness…”  Sundrops is possibly the least dark (lightest?) track, conjuring images of hope amidst a backdrop of dusk from a city centre rooftop, but even that is followed by the line “I’ve got bigger problems you know, Some are harder to let go”  Final song, Will You, is gorgeous – “Missed you, missed you, we’ll always see the same moon, the same big blue moon”.


I’m not sure if that’s a picture of the artist or not, I stole it from the Bandcamp page, which I hope you’ll visit and buy the ep.  It’s not long, around 12 minutes, and it’s Name Your Price.   I’m looking forward to hearing more.


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