Milk – Late Bloomer EP

Milk is a band.  A band from Vancouver, with 4 members,  Thom, Akanee, Evan and Al.  Late Bloomer is the title of their cassette ep, which was released on the 15th January, and it’s really very good.

Milk 1

6 tracks of dreamy indie pop that could have come straight outta Castlemilk*, to paraphrase NWA.  Opening track Don’t Laugh takes nonchalance to a new level, which is quite remarkable when it contains the lyrics “throwing up and beating off”.  Marmalade has a country twang to it, and reminds me a little of Tape Waves.  Dreamy indie pop, but with a threatening undertone to it.  On Standards, the line “I think I could start to like it here, as much as I like it anywhere” stands out for me.  Sardony** at it’s best, love it.  You’d probably expect a track called Funeral to be a little morose and to be fair, it is.  A little.  But I sense a little hope and even joy in the rolling melody and harmonies.  I guess if you’re heading towards the light, at least it’s light.  Maybe.  Claim rolls along, a complex song with haunting melodies and the repeated line “God is in the water, everywhere you see his face”.  Closing track, “No Evil” Oil, is a 6+ minute song that reminds me of Television.  It’s full of slide guitar and more great harmonies.

Milk 2

The ep was released on tape, but that may have just been for the gigs, you can get in touch with the band I guess if you want to buy one.  You can buy the download on Bandcamp here.

*I don’t actually know any bands from Castlemilk, but it was the first place I could think of in Glasgow that began with “c” like Compton, and the band remind me of Glasgow Indie Pop.  And apologies for anyone who has never heard of Castlemilk.  Or Glasgow.  Or Compton.
**I’m pretty sure sardony is a derivation of sardonic, but if it isn’t just let me know and I’ll try and think of a word that is actually real.


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