Liqs – Nothing For Me

Liqs 2

So I’m scouring Bandcamp looking for new music and I see this:-
“3 piece band, fuzz, Japanese cars,90s wannabes, UFOs and government conspiracy.”  The words red, rag and bull come to mind.  And I wasn’t disappointed.  Liqs are from Chicago, Illinois, and if you haven’t met them before say hello to Esteban Miranda (Drums), /Nick Van Horn (Vocals and Guitar) and Sergio Stryker (Bass and brilliant surname).  Nothing For Me is a 2 track single and was released on the 6th January, and is their third release.  Both tracks are fuzz laden, much to my delight, but are quite different.  The title track is a kick in the face assault to the senses, with a rumbling bass and tight snare drum stopping the wailing feedback from tipping over the edge.  B Side Heartless, is a tighter affair, a more garage/psychedelic song than the A side, with a barrel load of reverb fighting for attention with the ever present fuzz.

Liqs 1

I’m a fan already, can’t wait to hear more.  The single is released through Jeffrey Drag Records, a label I was unfamiliar with before now, and is available on Bandcamp.  IN the interests of fairness, and going against my hatred of everything Apple, I have to add you can also get it on the eyechoons.  I’ve even added the link to prove I’m a nice bloke.  But if I was you I’d order it from Bandcamp.  And you should.  Watch the video of you don’t believe me.


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