T-Shirt Weather – Pig Beach

T Shirt 2

T-Shirt Weather are Patxi, Andrew and Tom.  They’re from Durham and they play pop music in a pop-punk sort of way.  They also enjoy dressing up (I’ve seen the photos from the Equestrian Collective NYE Prom – nae hiding on the interweb…) Their new album, Pig Beach, comes out at the end of January on Oddbox Records.  8 tracks of reflection (My Dad’s Black Polo), humour (“I wear my brace to keep my brain in place” – Sometimes), fuzzy warmth, romance (“When your eyes meet mine I find, I’m pushed beyond the limits of a fragile mind” – When Your Heart), heartbreak and the occasional horn of some description – Insert Sid James style guffaw here.

T Shirt 1

Make sure you don’t skip* the stand out track, for me at least, Gum, which is available to stream now

The temptation here is to mention the “M” word, and it would be justified.  As the press release says, there must be something running through the River Wear that helps to produce music of this genre.  But that shouldn’t be used as a criticism or to deflect from the album that T-Shirt Weather have produced.  It feels like it’s over in a flash, but you’ll want to listen to it over and over, and guaranteed you’ll have missed a line that makes you smile, laugh, think, or all three.

The band are headlining an all day release party gig type thing in London in February, click here for more info, and you can pre-order the album here.

*I’m here all week.


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