The Ninth Wave – Only The Young


I first became aware of The Ninth Wave last year, when I was looking for acts to play at a local music festival, when they were still a 3 piece (Haydn, Ronan and Finlay) and they were about 12.  This latest ep sees the addition of Elina, adding a smoother and fuller element to their sound.  You’ll notice I said “latest” ep.  Aye.  This is their second release.  So basically they’re good looking, talented, and have released 2 ep’s before they’re half my age.  “Only The Young” – yeah, rub it in a bit more.


Opening track Change, is where Elina provides the clearest example of the erm, change, she’s had on the band.  It’s a glorious 80’s pop rock tune a la Simple Minds.  The title track, Only The Young, is an alt-rock style anthem (please note I don’t actually know what alt-rock is, but if I did, I think this is what it would sound like), showing the band know where they want to go and how they’re going to get there.  Upstairs People is another great piece of polished rock, with a tidy hint of funk coming from the bass.  Body is another long, anthemic track.  I’d go so far to say it’s almost prog rock in it’s complexity.  All in all, and joking/jealousy aside, it’s another incredibly accomplished display from the band.  If they continue at this level of performance, 2016 should be special, and they’ll be avoiding me even more when I bump into them at gigs.


I think the cassette version of the ep sold out pretty much at the launch, which was in early December, but just in case here’s the link for it.  If you’d rather wait for the digital version (the tape comes/came with a high quality download apparently), keep an eye on their Facebook page for news


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