Nueva Fuerza – La Nueva Fuerza EP


Now before anybody says anything, yes, I am aware of Fuerza Nueva, the far-right political organisation in Spain, whose goal was, in their words,  to “keep alive the ideals of July 18th 1936 and to gather the national forces.”  Obviously I wanted to be sure before I posted this review, or even bothered to review it at all, and the band have assured me that they have nothing to do with that, and that whilst their name does mean “new force” it’s meant to represent the new youth of Spain.  I’ve even gone to the bother of translating the lyrics of all 10 songs on the ep (or more accurately, I’ve copied and pasted them into an online translator thingy), so if I’ve got it wrong and it is an elaborate hoax I apologise.

Are you still with me?  Then I’ll begin.  Nueva Fuerza are David (Guitar/Bass/Vocals) and Xavi (Drums) from Barcelona, Spain and they play fast loud hardcore punk.  This is their first ep, 10 tracks, totalling 6 minutes and 33 seconds.  Get in.  Just how hardcore punk should be.  First track Mundo Material reminds me of Discharge, some would say the band that started the whole hardcore scene, circa Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing (one of my favourite albums of all time btw)

The whole ep follows that formula, it’s hardcore but there’s enough “Punk” to keep this listener happy.  Listen to closing track Sociedad Caduca (which I think means something like Death of Society?) and tell me I’m wrong

Hundidos (literally Sunk) gets the shortest track prize, 21 seconds, it’s like being kicked in the head with your own shoes – ferocious.

You can buy La Nueva Fuerza here, Name Your Price, on mp3.


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