Hoax Hunters – Clickbait EP


Hoax Hunters hail from Richmond, Virginia and are from what I can tell 2 people, PJ Sykes (Guitars/Vocals) and Ben Nicastro (Bass/Backing Vocals), and are joined on this release by Greg Garner (Drums/Backing Vocals).  I’m not too sure why I’m telling you this, because they’ve very helpfully explained it all on the final track, What Everybody Ought To Know About Clickbait, which is nice of them.

The music?  Think 90’s Punk, think Husker Du, think Minutemen, think no nonsense rock & roll, and you’re pretty close to the sound.  Opening track Poisonous Love is a snarly message to someone, or maybe a few people, and has more hooks than a hook makers convention.  Title track, Clickbait, is my favourite, a ferocious 62 second bolt between the eyes.  It’s a complete contrast to final track (if you don’t include the informative WEOTKAC I mentioned earlier) Breakthrough, coming in at more than 5 minutes.  It’s the most “rock” track on the ep, sounds a little like the Foo Fighters (as anyone knows me will tell you, it took a lot for me to type those 2 words – I’m not a FF fan, but my role here is to inform so I’ve ignored my own prejudices.  I’ll be scrubbing myself for at least 30 minutes in the shower when I’ve finished this though).  It’s a ready made anthem with a great chorus.  American Mission has a brilliant stop-start element to it, with killer riffs complementing the snarling vitriol.

At roughly 17 minutes, it’s all over before you know it, but you’re going to come back for more.  Released on Cherub Records (the 28th release – it says so on WEOTKAC), you can buy it on Bandcamp here, with the option of buying a bumper sticker too!

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