Breakfast Muff – Rainbow Yawn

They’re back!  Clearly enthused by being named in my Top 5 albums of 2015 (which was actually 6) with The Feels, Breakfast Muff are releasing Rainbow Yawn, a 7 track ep on Fuzzkill Records

b muff yawn

Not surprisingly, it’s superb.  Recorded and produced brilliantly by Chris at Shady Lane Studios, it’s an indication of how much they’ve developed over the past 12 months.  Yes, it’s still fuzzy garage punk/pop at it’s best.  Yes, it’s still a tad shambolic, but if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be Breakfast Muff.  Dare I say it – and I hope the band don’t hate me for this – Breakfast Muff have grown up.


Never be fooled by the shambolism (real word, look it up if you don’t believe me) though.  For every track like Satan, where the band tell us how much they want to tell the Prince Of Darkness they love him, there’s a Not Down To Fuck, a deliberately not veiled in any way, shape or form (and why should it be) response to the cancer of dude rock that still exists.  Still.  In 2015.  Tired Trying sees the band covering those damned relationship problems we’ve all had, to a beat straight out of 1977, true punk pop genius.  My favourite track, as mentioned on the aforementioned top 5/6 post, is the superb Want 2 Want 2, a 1 minute 38 second pop classic.  If you don’t love this song, you’re dead inside.  Closing track Yr Guts, is a live favourite and perfect way to close the ep.

bmuff edin

Rainbow Yawn is a more than fitting climax to the first 12 months in the lives of Breakfast Muff (and yes, I chose my words carefully there).  It’s released on the 19th December but you can pre-order it now from Fuzzkill Records.  The launch gig on the same day is at The Old Hairdressers, with support from Smack Wizards, Secret Motorbikes, Bin Men and Caramel.  If you don’t know Breakfast Muff yet, you soon will, and I guarantee you’ll love them as much as me.


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