Dot Dash – Earthquakes & Tidal Waves

October 21st!  Nearly 5 weeks ago!  That’s when Dot Dash emailed me with a link to their album, Earthquakes & Tidal Waves,  5 ruddy weeks and I’ve done nothing about it until now.  I’ve been busy, but I apologise profusely.  The band are from Washington D.C, and are made up of:-
Terry Banks – Guitar/Voice (ex-Julie Ocean, The Saturday People, Tree Fort Angst)
Steve Hansgen – Guitar (ex-Minor Threat, Government Issue, Modest Proposal)
Hunter Bennett – Bass (ex-Julie Ocean, Weatherhead)
Danny Ingram – Drums (ex-Swervedriver, Strange Boutique, Youth Brigade).  Included in the email was a write up from The Washington Post, so erm, I’m not worried at all about this…….honest……..
dot dash 2
The band describe themselves as Post-Punk Pop, and I must admit that can sometimes put me off without giving a band a chance.   I tend to reserve the term Post-Punk for music a little more angular and lo-fi than Dot Dash.  Wire for example.  (see what I did there?  No? forget it) I’d say they’re more power pop in a kind of new wave fashion than post-punk.  There’s a tip of the hat to Pretty Green by The Jam in there somewhere (I’m not going to tell you where, you’ll have to look for it yourself) I keep hearing Blondie and lazily (on my part) a little R.E.M.  I know I’m following up a recent review of the SHEER album by saying this, but this is another example of BIG sounds, crashing chords and thudding basslines mixed up with huge pop sensibilities, Semaphore is the perfect example of this.  Free to download Flowers is a dancealongasingalonga (real word, look it up) rock n roll tune, straight outta Milwaukee rather than Compton.  My personal favourite, Satellite (Far Out) has a more British sound, with hints of shoegaze and dream pop added to the mix.
The album was produced by Mitch Easter (R.E.M. – see lazy reference above, Pavement, Dinosaur Jr, Wilco, Ride etc etc – still not worried at all….) and released on The Beautiful Music, a Canadian label based in Ottawa.  You can buy the album digitally from Bandcamp and on CD from the label.


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