SHEER – Uneasy

Admin – SHEER are from LA, 4 people – Gina Almaguer – Guitar/Vocals, Sean Sakamoto – Guitar, Anthony Quintero – Bass and Jules Leon – Drums.  They formed last year and Uneasy is (I think) their first album 0005962003_10Now the music.  Think shoegaze, think dream pop, think grunge, think BIG.  Then think BIGGER.  Their sound is huge, with enough reverb and fuzz to fill your head and dribble out your nose.  In a nice way of course.  If I hadn’t been “asleep” for most of the 80’s and all of the 90’s I’d probably be making comparisons with Cocteau Twins, Ride and Swerverider, but I was so I won’t.  It’s brilliantly produced (by drummer Jules), layers of sound that take you out of your chair and off somewhere else for a while.
The lyrics are at times on the desolate side, Yesterday’s Weather being a prime example, but the melodies are wonderful.  The title track is my favourite, perhaps not surprisingly for anyone that knows my preference for big chords and crashing drums, but the whole album is a joy.  It’s not short, I didn’t manage to squeeze it all in on the train to Glasgow the other night, coming in at 40+ minutes (I’m tired so couldn’t be bothered to add up the seconds as well as the minutes), but it’s definitely worth your time and attention.
0006214316_10It’s released on limited edition cassette and download through the excellent New Your label The Native Sound and on the band’s own Bandcamp.


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