Milk Crimes – S/T EP

Ellie (Bass/Vocals), Simon (Guitar/Vocals) and Peter (Drums/Cheekbones – apparently) are Milk Crimes, a pop-punk (or is it punk-pop?  Answers on a tweet or whatever the equivalent of a postcard is nowadays) trio from Leeds.  They’ve just released a self titled cassette on No Dice Tapes, a Leeds based DIY cassette label.  And it’s blooming great.


5 tracks of wistful honest pop-punk-punk-pop (I’m taking no chances) in a Martha stylee, with a healthy dollop of Spook School for good measure – see I Don’t Wanna Be Alone Again if you don’t believe me.  H8RZ, which as a parent/grandparent I obviously can’t approve of the spelling – slams straight into your face and Hail Seitan is musically ferocious, crashing cymbals and wailing guitars, but lyrically heartfelt and heart wrenching – “this time I won’t fall, because we won’t commit at all” – great stuff.

Milk Crimes

I found out today that I managed to miss the band when they played in Glasgow recently at the wonderful Party Tricks night at the Flying Duck.  Hopefully they’ll be back soon, and based on this evidence, they’ll be around for a while to come.  You can download a copy for Name Your Price, or pay for the tape here – I recommend you do it now.



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