Prison Whites – S/T EP

Prison Whites are Dan Smith, Julian Roberts and Jack Hilbert, a three piece garage punk band from Cambridge/London. Scuzzy and fuzzy – naturally, it’s me you’re reading – they formed in March this year, played their fist gig in May, and this is their first release, available on cassette with download code, which came out 0n the 16th November.
5 tracks of fast, loud punk rock, that reminds me a lot of early 999 (I’m old so I can say that), with a hint of Husker Du thrown in for good measure.  Opening track Deceiver sets the tone, crashing drums, incessant riffing guitar, wailing vocals.  Chinese Whispers is garage punk at it’s best, just over 2 minutes of reverb ridden pain spat out over the top of thudding chords.  Brilliant.
The final tracks, Prison Whites and Mother Tongue are longer, coming in at 4:02 and 6:42.  What does that mean?  There’s more to enjoy, obviously!  They’ve clearly done a lot in a short of space of time, plenty of gigging including playing with the likes of The Wytches, USA Nails, Slowcoaches, Thee MVP’s, Yung to name just a few.  There’s surely much more to come.  Grab a copy now from Bandcamp.  You’re guaranteed some great music and they’re also very polite, which is nice.


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