Liquid Diet – S/T

This is another one of those times where I know absolutely nothing about the band, so I’ll get the admin out of the way quickly.  Liquid Diet are Liza (Bass/Vox), Mardi (Guitar/Vox) and Jaz (Drums/Vox).  They don’t appear to have any online existence, or at least none that I can find.  Don’t get confused with another Liquid Diet, like I almost did.  They’re a disco band.  This isn’t disco.  This release is through Paradise Daily, who are on Facebook but don’t give much of a bio to work from, but they seem to provide an outlet for bands in Sydney, and seem to have been doing so since at least 2014.
liquid diet1
What you get are 10 tracks, coming in at a total length of roughly 18 minutes, nothing lasting longer than 2:04.  It seems to have been recorded live, or at least “as live”, which makes listening to it digitally fun, as the feedback joins up between tracks.  Each to their own, I like things like that.  Listen to 15 4 Eva to see what I mean

Loud snarling punk, as you’ll hopefully have noticed now you’ve played the track above.  It’s in your face angry, not dissimilar to La Misma, loud and unapologetic.  It’s a little difficult to hear the lyrics, but you should get the picture pretty quickly.  This is my first encounter with Paradise Daily, but I don’t think it’ll be the last.  You can buy Liquid Diet on cassette or download here.  You should.


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