Frozy – Lesser Pop

frozy3I’m way way behind with this one, so humble apologies to Oddbox Records, who were kind enough to send me the press release.  Click on the link and buy stuff and he might forgive me 😀

Frozy are Irina, Nicol and Rhiannon.  Lesser Pop is their fourth album, that’s filled with 13 tracks of lo-fi dreamy indie pop.  In the main, the songs are brief and relaxing.  You’ll find yourself drifting along with the twanging guitars and soothing vocal harmonies.  Listen to Summer End and you’ll get what I mean.  Beautiful.

I’ve listened to it in full about a dozen times now, and it’s sort of over before you know it, it’s that soothing.  But you always want to play it again straight away, as all great DIY pop should.  Available on limited edition vinyl, grab yourself a copy and forgot the fact it’s snowing outside.  As the band say themselves, it’s a ‘dream-pop slumber-party’ – everyone’s invited.


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