Cat Smell – The Tail Of Cat Smell

Let’s get this clear from the start – I ruddy love Cat Smell.  Yes, I admit, the initial attraction came from the fact they’re called Cat Smell (I could be wrong, I think that’s the whole point of a cat’s smell, but anthropologists please feel free to correct me if that’s wrong). They’re from London, erm, I think there’s 4 of them in the band, might only be 3, erm, they post lots of pictures of cats on Twitter, including one delightful one of Peg, who apparently smells and likes to stick her bum in the air.  And that’s all I know about the band.a0450940081_10

Apart from the music that is, which is brilliant.  The Tail Of Cat Smell is the band’s third release, all digital only releases I think, available from Bandcamp.   It’s pop music, but fuzzy, a little punky, a little indie, always played (to my ears at least) with a smile.  It’s music to be enjoyed, to have fun with.  Two tracks this time round, Win Some Lose Some, which is about table top games and is free to download, and Down And Out, which starts quietly, before getting back to full Cat Smell fuzziness.  The world needs bands like Cat Smell to remind us life’s fun now and again.  As the title of their first ep from April last year says, Everybody Loves Cat Smell.  That might not be true yet, but if I’ve got anything to do with it, everybody will love them soon.  Go and buy it, I guarantee you’ll be smiling a little more than usual.


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