b00kshelf – EP

Criminally (not literally of course, that would be stupid) this is the first review I’ve done of a release from the superb Struggletown Records, another one of the wonderful independent labels in Glasgow.  Ran by Steven Hill, the labels been around since 2011, it’s a not for profit organisation, so the more they sell the more they can release.  They don’t really stick to a particular genre, but it’s fair to say most if not all of their releases can be loosely described as punk, or a variation thereof.  The first time I heard of them was with the incredible Thin Privilege album, which I was attracted to by the fact they didn’t have a guitarist, only basses.  And it’s definitely a crime that there are any copies of that still available.  SInce then, they’ve released albums/eps/singles from the Likes of Algernon Doll (now Womps), The Sinking Feeling, Min Diesel, Koji, Fuchsia and loads more.


Next up is an ep from b00kshelf, 4 tracks of indie pop mixed with a little emo for good measure.  b00kshelf is/are Alex Thompson, previously part of Leeds “Loud & Noisy Emo 2-Piece”, Manuals.  I’m not sure what the significance is of the paper maché fox head in the photo, or indeed the bunch of flowers attached to the guitar.  But back to the music.  Opening track On Your Own is an almost perfect example of what I understand to be Emo, but as that genre passed by when I wasn’t paying attention I can’t be sure.  It reminds me a lot of Algernon Doll, great melody, great lyrics-
“If you say that you believe in
Absolutely nothing
I won’t hold that against you”
Laura and Roots are slower, more wistful tunes, but no less impressive.  Final track You is more up tempo, fuzzy indie pop at it’s best.


I have to hold my hands up and admit I don’t know a great deal (i.e. nothing) about Alex’s previous work.  All I know is this is a great ep you need to own, and you can if you click here.


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