DIRTYGIRL/crumbs – Cassette Store Day EP

Quite often, if I order something from a website, it comes with an early download.  That’s good, because you can listen to the music straight away if you want.  I don’t always do that though.  Sometimes I’ll give the songs a cursory listen just because it seems polite to do so, but then I’ll wait until I actually get the tape or record before I listen to it properly.  I don’t know why, just how I like to do it.  And that’s what I did with this release.  It’s from Swirly Records, so I already knew it would be good based on past releases.  I just hadn’t realised how good it was until the tape landed and I played it in full.  I’ve been playing it non-stop since.

Swirly Tapecrumbs

I have to admit to knowing very little about the two bands, DIRTYGIRL and crumbs, they’re both new to me, but I really hope I get to know them a lot more.  2 tracks each, crumbs are apparently “human-like creatures” from Leeds/York, Ruth, Gem, Jamie and Stuart. That’s them on the right. Trapped In A Haircut is fuzz garage with a dollop of Krautrock repetition (aka discipline) and a slightly nihilistic element to the “I feel nothing now” chorus.  2nd track Bunnies is a more upbeat track, tempo wise at least, and reminds me of the No Ditching Face Ache ep.  It’s fuzzy riot grrrl punk, lo-fi sound but hi fi attitude.  They’ve got a 5 track demo you can download too, and you really should.

DIRTYGIRL are Molly, Sumena, Estella and Anna, and are from York.  Blindfold is one of those songs you hear that sounds like a “nice” pop song at first, but when you really listen there’s a much darker element to it.  I’ll let you discover it for yourself.  I’ve purposely saved, in my opinion, the best till last, Transition.  Earlier today it passed the usual test I apply, in that I caught myself wandering round Morrisons singing it and not giving a stuff who was staring at me.  “I want to know you, I’ll let you know me too..”  It’s perfect indie popdirty girl, one of those songs that you won’t be able to get out of your head.  As with crumbs, DIRTYGIRL have a cd/download available as well, also released this month, so there’s more to look forward to already.

Another great release from Swirly, make sure you look them up and buy some stuff!  I’ll apologise to both bands now, because with this release, they’ve now been added to my list of bands I pester to come and play in Glasgow.  Easier if they just come and play.Swirly 1


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