The Transistors – Cuppa Jarra Brossa

I know everyone that reads this blog will be enthralled by the rugby world cup.  So in honour of the current holders and current favourites to retain that title, say hello to The Transistors and their Cuppa Jarra Brossa ep.

a1921547510_10The band are from Rangiora, which is to the north of Christchurch, New Zealand (in case anyone thought England still had a chance of winning….)rangiora, where that red mark is over there.  And they’ve released a wonderful slice of garage punk pop for us all to enjoy.  Opening track Confidence Man could have been taken off one of the At The Roxy albums from the 70’s.  Not many chords, shouting down the mic, but bags of charm to go with the shouting.  Riding The Wave is power pop at it’s best, whilst I’ve Been Stupid is back to the punkier side of things, with more fuzz than something fuzzy.  A muppet perhaps, they’re fuzzy.  You know what I mean.

11880331_10153095752588506_5156566214766780041_nYou can order the cassette (only 2 left last time I looked) from the brilliant Melted Ice Cream, or download from the band themselves.  If you live in the Northern Hemisphere this is one way to keep involved with the rugby for a while.  And even if you don’t like rugby, you’re getting 5 great tracks.  Join the scrum now, or something about hookers, or funny shaped balls.


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