Positive No – Glossa

Yet another in a long line of “I can’t remember how I came across the band, but I’m very pleased I did”, Positive No are from Richmond, Virginia.  Their story is quite unusual, but I won’t get into the entire history of the band here, you can look it up for yourself from their Facebook pageGlossa is their first lp, available on multiple formats, CD or cassette, and also as 28 page 7″ full colour book with a digital download.  As they admit themselves, it’s a respectful nod and a wink to 4AD and Factory, and the now iconic artwork that accompanies their releases.

Positive No 2The music is also reminiscent of some of the releases from both of those labels.  I could use terms like shoegaze and ethereal, and whilst that would rightly be construed as lazy, it’s also true.  But the songs aren’t just picked straight out of the 80’s and 90’s.  They’ve added their own touch of rock/indie/pop and fuzz to them all, some jagged edges thrown in for good measure occasionally (Pedal Through, #DIV/0, Venetian Streets).  Final track, Northern Aggressor, is possibly the nicest angry song you’ll ever hear.

Positive No 1The band have drawn from their earlier experiences in acts performing various genres and styles, and together, they’ve found that perfect harmony that just sort of happens, where creative forces take over and fall into place.  That’s not to say their isn’t a wee bit of hard work involved, of course there is, but you can tell the chemistry is there from the first listen.  I already love them (and not just because of the various Tweets, emails and bending over backwards by the band that preceded my purchase of the tape!  Thank you again – A+) and I’m sure you’ll love them too.  You can check them out on Bandcamp, or at Tracy’s label, Little Black Cloud, or at Negative Fun Records.  No excuses, go and buy some great music.


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