Actual Crimes – 5 Songs

Actual Crimes are from London, and I first became aware of them earlier this year with the release of their brilliantly titled Cassette! tape.cover It was recorded by the god like genius Mark Jasper at Sound Savers, and as everything Mark touches is brilliant I knew it would be good.  And it was.  Displaying yet more glorious simplicity in the title, 5 Songs is their next release, due out 19th October, and it’s every bit as good as Cassette!  What does it sound like?  It’s punk, it’s lo-fi, it’s post-punk, it’s in your face, it’s unapologetic, it demands you listen, it’s ruddy blooming great.


Trash is probably my favourite of the 5 songs on 5 Songs (sorry, I just had to, okay?).  It sort of soars, vocally and musically, with a riff that grabs hold and won’t let go.

actual crimes

The launch party is at Power Lunches on the 20th October (event link here) and Ethical Debating Society, Steph from Big Joanie and Black Fungus will be there too, so what’s not to love?  You can pre-order the tape from Bandcamp or direct from Tunnel Visions, I’d advise you to do so, and you know I’m always right.


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