Spinning Coin – S/T EP

If you’ve been to a gig in Glasgow in the last 12 months, or if you’ve been to a record shop in Glasgow in the last months, or even if you’ve just been listening very carefully during the last 12 months, you’ll know who Spinning Coin are.  If none of these apply to you, don’t worry, because I promise you’ll know who they are very soon.

Spinning Coin gig(Photo above taken by Scott Whitehill)

Spinning Coin are from Glasgow (you may have already guessed that, consisting of 4 of the best musicians in the city, Cal Donnelly (Breakfast Muff/Youngstrr Joey), Chris White ( Phat Trophies/Neighbourhood Gout/plaaydoh/Eternal Fags), Jack Mellin (Smack Wizards/Mary Column) and Sean Armstrong (The Yawns/Sean Armstrong Experience).  They released their debut ep at the beginning of 2015 on Winning Sperm Party and have been playing live in Scotland and across the border throughout the year, building a reputation as one of the best bands around along the way.  This latest release is coming out on Fuzzkill Records.  Regular viewers will know Fuzzkill due to the fact they appear to be releasing a new tape every few hours at the moment.  And darn it if they aren’t all great, and this is no exception.

spinning coin hand

5 new tracks, each different, but all featuring the Spinning Coin trademark, fuzzed out pop songs that can take you to another, better place.  Metronome River is a prime example.  I’m not sitting at a desk on the Ayrshire coast when that song comes on.  (PRETENTIOUS BERK ALERT) Instead I’m all bohemian and smoking Gauloises cigarettes on the Left Bank.  Think Tanks is more cacophonous than the other tracks, with Cal’s growling vocals to the fore.  Opening track, You Don’t Look The Same, is the sort of pop song you know you’re going to love after about 3 seconds – perfect.

Spinning Coin gig 2(Photo above taken by Ralph Thompson at Mono, January 2015)

The band is touring throughout October, the dates are below, and the “official” launch gig is at the Hug and Pint in Glasgow on the 16th October, with Breakfast Muff, Psychic Soviets and Long Limbs also playing.  Aye, you’re right.  That’s a gig you need to go to.  They’ve got a 7″ single coming out later in the year, mastered at Abbey Road Studios and being released on Geographic Records, part of Domino Records.  But you don’t want to wait until then.  You want to go and pre-order this tape now, due for release on 12th October.

October tour dates –
11th – LEEDS @ House Show
12th – LONDON @ Powerlunches
13th – LONDON @ Brixton Windmill
14th – PRESTON @ The Ferret
15th – SHEFFIELD @ tbc
16th – GLASGOW @ The Hug and Pint
Main photo taken by Scott Whitehill

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