The Hussy – s/t 7″ ep

The Hussy (or La drôlesse, to give it’s original title) is a 1979 French drama film directed by Jacques Doillon.  I’ve no idea if this has anything to do with the band The Hussy, or whether they got their name from the film and they aren’t really called Bobby Hussy (vocals, guitar and keyboards) and Heather Hussy (vocals, drums and percussion). What I do know is that they write some great garage punk songs, and they’ve just released a self titled 7″ ep, out now on Volar Records.

Volar Records - The Hussy 7- EP on Volar - Hussy side Bobbycover

I admit I tend to pre-judge any band that consists of only a guitarist and drummer.  I have this dread that they will sound more like Ro**l Bl*** than Twin Mirrors so you can take it as read that in this case I approve.  Which I’m sure they are very pleased about.  The alert amongst you will have noticed the single consists of a B and an H side, 2 tracks on each.  Bobby takes care of the vocals on Be My Girl and Eventually. The former is a no nonsense heads down rock n roll romp, whilst Eventually is a little more laid back but still with a garage punk feel to it.
Heather sings on Appleseeds and Drum Roll Song, both great examples of punk pop (not pop punk – there’s a difference) and both over in a flash.  Drums, cymbals, distortion and a little reverb.  All the ingredients you need for a good time.  None of the tracks come in longer than 112 seconds, but that’s ok , you don’t really need more than that when the music is this good.  The Hussy come from Madison, which is the capital of Wisconsin.  So now you can tell your friends Ski Pie Rage gives you great music and education.  Go and buy it now, 100 available in blue vinyl, 300 in black.

The Hussy


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