The Jins – S/T EP

Believe it or not, it’s more than 3 weeks since I last posted about a band from Vancouver.  I know, very remiss of me, so I’ll put that right now.Jins1

Say hello to the The Jins, Ben Larsen (guitar/vocals), Jamie Warncok (drums) and Hudson Partridge (bass).  Like a lot of young people nowadays, they “play rock music and eat pizza”, but as anyone who knows me is aware, I think cheese is the food of Beezlebub and should be outlawed, so I’ll just concentrate on the rock music bit.

Jins 4This is (I believe) their first ep, released earlier this month.  The band themselves describe it as Fun Rock, and it is.  It’s a little punk, a little grunge, a little in**e rock.  Opening track Call On Me sets up the ep perfectly, the kind of song that gets an audience up on it’s feet from the start, solid rock riffing with grungey vocals.

Jins2Taking Shots has more of a late 90’s punk sound to it, whilst closing track Better In My Mind slows the tempo down without losing any of the grungy rock n roll intensity.

The band don’t share their influences on their FB page, (although they do mention Aqua on their YouTube channel) but if they don’t include The Strokes and Nirvana my hearing must have completely gone. (And if our drummer is reading this, yes, I promise to keep my ear plugs in at the next rehearsal…nag nag nag….)  It’s a solid opening release from The Jins, you can buy it digitally or on cd here

Jins 5


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