Sweaty Palms – Hollywood Wax

They’re like ruddy buses – nothing for ages, then Fuzzkill Records come back with 2 releases in a month.  You’d think it was Cassette Store Day soon or something. (17th October, in case you weren’t aware…)  Swift on the heels of The Bellybuttons, we’ve got Hollwood Wax, a 4 track EP by Sweaty Palms, another up and coming Glasgow band.sweat 1

Regular readers may recall I saw the band at the recent Fuzzkill/Number4Door all dayer at 13th Note and was suitably impressed.  This 4 track ep has added to that impression.  The “goth garage” element of the band comes through massively throughout the EP, Robbie’s vocals spitting at you, daring you to ignore them.  First track, Captain Of The Rugby Team, has the “sad surf” sound off to a tee, it sounds like an attack of zombies on a California beach party.  Or as we call it in Scotland, Friday night in Largs.  The Small Faces could have written Grey Existence, maybe even wish they had (are they still alive?  I can’t remember).  The Tube is an almost instrumental.  Depends if you count whoops and ahh ahhhs as lyrics.  I do.  Final track, Mutton Dressed As Lamb, is 5 minutes 45 seconds, a shambling march towards the end.  You can take that to mean the end of the tape, or just the end, or whatever you want.

sweat 2The EP is released on 21st September, you can pre-order here, and as you can see to the left, the launch gig is at 13th Note on the 24th September, and you get cheap tickets here.  It’s another Glasgow band to keep an eye on, and on this evidence you should be hearing a lot more from them.


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