Storeetellers – The Royal Baeby

As someone who spends most of his spare time browsing through lists of new releases and bands that have either been suggested to me or I’ve spotted someone else listening to, it can be a relief when you stumble across something a bit special, something that makes you realise the previous hour of listening to people that really shouldn’t be allowed out of the house, never mind broadcasting to the world, has been worthwhile.  I got that feeling with Storeetellers a few weeks ago, and with the upcoming release of their new album, The Royal Baeby, they haven’t disappointed.

unnamedWhat you’ve got here is 12 tracks of brilliant pop punk, or poppunkabilly as the band themselves like to call it!  Who are Storeetellers?  They are 4 “grrls” from California called Briana Harley, Mayra Cortez, Richelle “Bagel” Banas and Lucia Mota.  Remarkably, they formed in late 2014.  I say remarkably, because it’s unusual to hear such an accomplished debut less than a year after forming.

The album rocks from the start, with Secretly Psychoavatars-000174257271-qf0kuu-t500x500, which appeared on the ep Kiss Your Frogs, Hug Your Boos (and of course featured on the Ski Pie Rage Mix Episode 2 😀 )  Signs (link to an acoustic version) is a bitter sweet song about break ups – “I can’t be sorry all the time, I’ll take the blame for what is mine, guess we can say we saw the signs.”  The “taco-core” element of the band runs throughout, never more so than on Imbecility.  It reminds this listener of the scene in Breaking Bad when the occupants of the village are crawling along the ground, on their way to visit the shrine of Santa Muerte.  If you don’t believe me watch the video (Directed by the band, filmed by Bagel and edited by Mayra).

Undateable goes back to the pop rock sound, with great harmonies and “ooh be doos” (you can’t beat some ooh be doos in a song, they’re cool, honest).  It also highlights the benefit of having 4 singers in the band.  Not Dead Yet has a definite disco feel to it, with lyrics that epitomise the band and their attitude – “Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do”

unnamed2Another thing to love about this album is the fact that it sounds like an album.  It isn’t just a bunch of songs thrown together for you to download your highlights.  I know it’s coming out on cd, but it actually sounds like it’s go 2 sides to it.  And that’s always a good thing.

unnamed3The official release date is September 26th at Gal Palace in Los Angeles.  I’ve had a word with Stagecoach and apparently they don’t do a Troon to L.A. service, so I can’t make it.  If you happen to be in the area though, you really should go.  And even if you’re not, you should keep an eye out for this being released.  As I’ve said before, Storeetellers deserve your attention.


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