Ugly Lovers – Drought

ugly lovers 2“we make ugly love
we make ugly art”

Ugly Lovers are a duo from Olympia, Washington.  Drought is their 3rd release to date.  And that is pretty much all the facts I have on them.  The statement above is from their Facebook About Page, so there’s no clues there.  Drought is a 5 track ep, and to be fair, they’re right in that it isn’t “pretty” music.  The lyrics to opening track Punishment give the game away from the start:-
“lock away
what we can’t control
throw away
all that’s misunderstood
punish all
who aren’t normal”

The music is industrial, reminiscent of early Cabaret Voltaire and Einstürzende Neubauten.  There’s a definite Krautrock influence throughout, Sister being a prime example, with it’s incessant rhythm and guitar.  Major Arcana shows their goth/doom side:-
“brittle bones like black houses
choking roots, screaming floorboards
beaten bodies like broken windows
train tunnels and black mold spores”

ugly lovers 1Drought is about as dark as it’s possible to be.  Think of the darkest thing you’ve ever seen and then imagine what it would be like even darker.  They aren’t trying to make you comfortable, they want you to listen.  And I think you should.  You can buy it here.


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