The Bellybuttons – Play

a2921253807_10IT’S FUZZKILL TIME!  One of my favourite Glasgow labels, they’ve been relatively quiet recently, concentrating it seems on producing multiple versions of the same tote bags and making me feel even more uncool that normal because I haven’t got the new one.  Swine.

toteBut they’re back with a couple of new releases coming up, the first of which is Play from The Bellybuttons.  They’re calling it an ep, but with 7 tracks coming in at almost 20 minutes, I’m calling it a mini lp.  Whether they like it or not.

They’re 7 tracks that will get you sliding down your chair and getting up to dance in equal measure.  I’ve sat listening to them whilst writing this after a rubbish week at work, and I’ve forgotten all about it.  Until I just reminded myself – damn.  But that’s ok, because I can play it again 😀

Yet again, Chris at Shady Lane has done a masterful job at taking the live sound of the band and transferred it on to tape/mp3/wav etc.  Vocally – and I’m guessing they may hate this – you get a slightly happier than usual Lou Reed mixed with the occasional Tom Verlaine snarl.  Musically too, I hear snippets of the Velvet Underground.  It’s that sort of laid back attitude that oozes out of the speakers, hence the sliding off the chair comment earlier.  Battling With Caring is pure Television circa Marquee Moon.  Eternal Fluff has an almost Stone Roses feel, cue more chair sliding shenanigans.  Hard to Read is the highlight track for me, great riff, great lyrics, it’s just great.

Because I’m old, I’ve compared the band with various “old” artists.  But to be fair, what they’ve really produced here is The Bellybuttons sound.  Yes, they’ve taken some aspects of various influences, but it’s definitely them.  Not the Van Morrison them.  That would be Them.

Due for release on 14th September, you can pre-order the cassette here, and the official launch is at The Old Hairdressers on 19th September, with Spinning Coin and The Pooches, grab an early cheap ticket here.  Welcome back Fuzzkill.


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