La Misma – Kanizadi

la misma

Sometimes there is an advantage to being miserable and anti social.  My day job takes me to various parts of the UK and Ireland, and I tend to spend a lot of time sitting in hotel rooms browsing for new music.  Bandcamp is always my favourite tool, and this time I hit upon a gem.  Kanizadi by La Misma.  Released by the superb London based La Vida Es Un Mus, this is 9 tracks of rabid punk.  I know next to nothing about the band, other than that they come from New York and they sing in Portuguese.  “How can you understand what they’re singing about then, Mr Smarty Pants Pie Rage?”  I can’t, but it doesn’t matter.  In this case it isn’t so much what they’re singing about as how they’re singing it.  Take a listen to Moradia.  Tell me you’re confused now.  I thought not.

la misma 2This isn’t an album for the faint hearted.  Unless you’re more twisted than I am, you won’t want to sit relaxing to this.  You’ll want to jump and shout and you’ll probably be a little angrier than you were before, although unless you speak Portuguese you won’t know why.  But being angry can be a good thing, and that’s why we need bands like La Misma.  It’s punk, it’s hardcore, it’s fast, it’s furious.  It’s everything that makes me pleased I love music.

By sheer coincidence (honestly, I didn’t know until after I found the lp) they’re playing in Glasgow at The Flying Duck on the 19th September.  I’ll be going if I can, you should too, but if you can’t make it enjoy a live show from NYC last year below.

If you can’t wait for the vinyl copy (not sure what the release date is I’m afraid), you can download the mp3’s here for £1 – why wouldn’t you?


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