Dune Witch Trails – Waving At Airports


I think I first encountered Dune Witch Trails way back in January at a gig put on by Number4Door, which was also the first time I saw Breakfast Muff.  Exactly – it was a good night.  Waving At Airports is the bands second release, following on from last year’s Echo Park.  They’ve expanded from a 2 piece to 4 members since then, Graham and Kevin joining Billy and Kieran.  The atmosphere created in the songs ranges from straight ahead rock on Birthday Pitch, to stadium anthem sounding Oliver Brown, Age 43, to a pure psych rock on Goldenrod Cigar.  Basically, not to put to fine a point on it, what they’ve managed to create here (with the assistance of the wonderful Green Door Studios) is 5 tracks that are all different but all the same, and all more than worthy of our attention.  There’s a buzz around town about Dune Witch Trails, and rightly so.

Normally at this point I’d be encouraging you to go and buy this item, which is in cassette form.  However, the web address isn’t working for some reason, and as I didn’t use it (I got my copy from a friend) I don’t know if that’s because they’ve sold out or if there’s a technical issue.  Hopefully it’s the former, but in the meantime, enjoy streaming the songs on Soundcloud.  If you want a tape, email me and I’ll check if my friend still has them.


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