Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt – Better Days

So.  There I am lounging on the settee the other night when the email noise goes off on my phone.  I’m expecting the usual spam, or maybe one of those nice “Booyakasha” emails when someone buys something on Bandcamp you’ve recommended.  Not this time – it’s an email from Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt.  First thing I thought was, ah, clever spam, using an intriguing name to lure me in.  But no.  Someone had actually read the blog and was asking me to listen to their songs.  The internet works!

hypocriteNow usually when I do this, I’ve at least stumbled across the music for a reason, as a result of knowing someone who knows someone else, who used to be the bass player for someone else.   You know how it is.  But in this case I’ve had to actually do some research.  And the only trouble is, there’s not a great deal out there to research.  Facebook page says “Anonymous Bloomington solo artist”.  I had to Google Bloomington.  It’s in Indiana, sort of north mid east of America.  Apparently David Lee Roth comes from Indiana.  And there’s a festival there called the Dark Carnival Film Festival, which sounds interesting.  I digress.  The email, which isn’t signed, says “acoustish (sic) Lo-fi songs” and gives Sebadoh, Elliott Smith, The Beach Boys, and “Old school Weezer” as influences.  As a music blogger, I’m probably not supposed to say this sort of thing, but I have absolutely no idea who Sebadoh and Elliott Smith are/were, and as I’m supposed to blog about new music, I haven’t bothered to find out.
But on the plus side, it meant I actually had to go and listen to the music.  I couldn’t cheat.  So whoever you are Hypocrite (can I call you Hypocrite?) at the very least you know some work has gone into this.hypocrite2So what have we got – Basically, 11 acoustic songs about love and loss.  Title track Better Days (which you can download for free) is a song about how life was better before all the bad stuff happened.  On When The Sun Goes Down we have the line “..and when the clouds come out, and spill their guts and rain on your parade”.  You might be seeing early signs of a pattern here – this isn’t an entry in the Feel Good Album of 2015 contest.  But don’t let that put you off.  Never Give In – the clue’s in the title.  You’re Here comes in a mere 3 songs after Come On (Girl Stay), proving there is hope amongst the angst.  Musically, the whole album is reminiscent of a balmy summer evening.  There are hints of the aforementioned angst in the vocals.  It is what it says on the Bandcamp page – in**e folk (sorry, I hate using the “I” word, and I hate myself for using it).  There’s definitely some pain there, but a little hope as well.  Give it a listen, you’ll find yourself drifting along with it no time, which is no bad thing.  Just make sure you’ve got a compilation of Irn Bru adverts to watch afterwards, just in case.

hypocrite3Footnote – that last picture is probably wrong, I think the cassette’s are sold out.  Sorry, you can still get the download.


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