Fuzzkill Records / Number4Door All Dayer – 13th Note, Glasgow 29th August

DSC_0010 2Back to 13th Note yesterday, one of my favourite venues in Glasgow.  Yeah, it’s a little grotty, yeah it’s a little small, but it’s guaranteed great sound and an immense atmosphere.  With the right acts of course.  And yesterday was a treat provided for us by the wonderful Fuzzkill Records and Number4Door, two Glasgow based labels renowned for their impeccable taste and providing support for the DIY scene.  And also for taking the pound coins out of my pockets at regular intervals, the swines.

DSC_0029 2Unfortunately Dune Witch Trails had to cancel, but that still meant we were treated (treat? treated?  I’m not sure.  Grammar police please email me at whocares@compuserve.co.something) to 9 acts all for a fiver.  Headlining were Ski Pie Rage favourites, Sharptooth.  Sort of fitting really that we were in 13th Note, as that was where I first saw the band, on 14th March last year.  I’d never seen or heard them before that night, but I had a “moment” (as Joan from Seconds would say), they just blew me away.  Since then, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen them play live, but it’s easily in double figures.  I’ve got a little older and a little balder.  They’ve got better and better and better and better, and they now need to be thought of as one of Scotland’s best independent acts.  Confidence was oozing out of last night’s performance, the newer songs like Queen Of Scots and She Who Stands Alone (link to a bad video from a gig in May when the song still didn’t have a title) slotting in comfortably with the old favourites.  Hell, they’ve even started audience participation with handclaps during their brilliant cover of The Shangrilas Remember (Walkin’ In The Sand) from the Fuzzkill release Under The Covers.  Kate’s drumming is solid as a rock, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Lauren play a duff note, whilst Nic and Jess lead from the front with that aforementioned confidence that comes from hours of practice and gigging.  I’m proud to call them friends now, and it makes this old man very happy indeed to see them play sets as brilliant as last night.  If you haven’t seen them yet, go and see them.  If you haven’t bought any of their music, go and buy itI guarantee you won’t regret it.

SharptoothI saw Breakfast Muff last week at The Old Hairdressers, and I thought it was their best gig yet.  Last night, I thought they were even better!  The energy is always there, the songs are always there, the fun is always there.  Loads of people asking for the album, which is great to see, you can get a download here – do it now.

Breakfast Muff Simone and RobbieWhat is there left to say about Bin Men?  Glasgow Hip hop with buckets.  I could be wrong but I don’t think global domination is on their minds, but if it is, get buckets on your portfolio, you’ll clean up. (geddit?  Bin Men, clean up)  Only photo I got was basically a bunch of peoples heads, sorry.  Here’s a picture of a bucket instead.


Ross Fuzzkill and Sophie Photograph (both real names, possibly) promised me that Sweaty Palms were really really good.  They were right.  Punky, garagey, psychy, lots of words ending in “y”.  They’ve got a tape coming out on Fuzzkill imminently.  I know I could have said soon, but that doesn’t end in y.  Get in there quickly and you’ll get their 2014 release as well – for FREE!

Sweaty PalmsAnother first for me last night was finally getting to see Faiides.  I’ve somehow managed to miss them over the months, but I’m happy to say that was resolved last night.  Live, they’re much heavier than some of their recordings, which to this old punk is a good thing.  They’ve got an album coming out later this year and are going to be touring soon too so go and see them for yourself.  Just be careful not to be standing too close when Ben is losing himself in the music….  Great set.

Faiides2nd view for me with the next 2 acts, as they both played at the Vexx/Sauna Youth gig recently at The Old Hairdressers.  Antique Pony first.  I have to hold my hands up here and admit I’m not sure I “get” Antique Pony.  Really talented musicians, amazingly constructed songs, to me it’s a sort of amalgam of jazz, post punk, progressive rock, funk and technical metal.  Their own description on their Facebook page is “post-ironic post-modern aesthetics”, so maybe it’s the “ironic” bit I’m missing?  Far more importantly than what I think, the audience love them and they play a terrific set.  Perhaps they’re just more complex than my old Sniffing Glue, here’s three chords etc upbringing can handle.  Don’t let me put you off though, they are good and more than worth going to see.

Antique PonyChump are a 3 piece, playing lo fi rock (or sulk-core as they call it, which is a brilliant term!).  For a bloody awful guitarist like me, it’s fascinating watching Tara’s style of play on an upside down left handed played right handed guitar, sometimes with a plectrum, sometimes without.  It always works though.  They remind me a little of Angel Olsen, no bad thing in my view, and you can listen to a demo from last year here.  One to watch imho.

ChumpEven though I’ve come to know Number4Door’s passion for the unexpected, King Wine were a surprise.  Two people, Craig and Ruthie, dressed in 70’s style tracksuits playing songs on Game Boys.  And the set started with a Backstreet Boys cover.  Only in Glasgow?  Maybe.  It was fun, 2 people performing music for an audience and loving every minute of it.  You’ll find it hard not to enjoy them too.  Not groundbreaking, not bringing down any regimes, but I reckon it’s not supposed to.  You can hear a recording of a gig earlier this year at Broadcast here, just in case you think I’m lying.

King Wine 2First up on the day was Passion Pusher, another first for me, although I’ve bumped into James, sometimes literally, at countless gigs over the last 12 months.  Ably supported today by Jack on drums, James was as he had promised/predicted, still suffering a little from, erm, a sore head, but he got through the set admirably!

Passion Pusher 1To sum up, another great Glasgow gig, well supported (although I hate it when people come and go – stay for the bands that aren’t your friends too, you might enjoy them!), big thanks to all involved.  Buy stuff from Fuzzkill and Number4Door so they can put more gigs on.


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