Blue Nova – Enough Is Enough ep

I first saw/met Blue Nova in February 2014, at another one of those gigs I used to find the time to go to where I didn’t know any of the bands playing.  They were good that night, very good in fact, and I talked to them afterwards about playing at my local towns festival later in the year.  That was a huge egotistical mistake on my part.  I missed their set through having to take care of other acts at a different venue, but I was reliably informed the sound engineer gave up asking them to turn it down and they just played through their amps, and someone else told me in a disgusted voice that they were spitting on stage.  At the time, I found all of that hilarious, but now I’ve grown to realise I shouldn’t have put either the band or the good folks of Troon in that position.  I was just trying to give a band an opportunity to make a few dollars without taking a bigger picture view.  I’ve since apologised to the band (and fallen out with the festival people, which I do still find funny) and I’m really pleased to be in a position now to review their new ep, Enough Is Enough, released on cassette yesterday through Nine Years Dry Records.

blue nova troonThe Blue Nova sound is loud, it’s hard rock with echoes of grunge, in a good way.  They’re in their element playing live, and they’ve managed to recreate that sound, recorded at Shady Lane Studios with Chris McCrory.  My favourite of the 4 tracks is Overcome, heads down rock n roll at it’s best with a killer riff.  Title track, Enough Is Enough, has a hint of NIrvana about it (sorry guys, but it does!), mixed with some A+ snarling vocals.

blue nova enoughThe band are clearly heading in the right direction, and hopefully they won’t book their next launch night for the same night I’m at an all-dayer.  If you like your music at 11 but still with a tune, get clicking here.


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