Thee AHs – Names

Let’s go back to Canada and say hello to Thee AHs

a3141472765_10As their latest release is called Names, let’s start with who they are.  They are Dahn, Davinah, Mareesah and Sarah, they’re from Vancouver, they play great guitar pop music (they call it “black bubblegum pop” but that implies it’s throwaway.  And it isn’t.  So I won’t use that term) and they’re ruddy good. Names is an album of songs about people they know or knew or wanted to know.  Obviously the best track is Davie (although I spell my name with a ‘y’, so can the band please pay attention in future), John is absolute 3 minute pop perfection. Nothing needs to be changed.  Listen to the song, then you’ll get it.  I’ve never met anyone called Artemis, but with an opening line of “Funny how you complain about the world, as you take the wings off butterflies”, I think I want to.  By the end of the 10 tracks, you’ll want to meet them all too.  This is just what pop music should be, buy it on vinyl from Kingfisher Bluez, on cassette from Scotland’s very own New Year Records or digitally here.  Mine came on email when I was away on business, stuck in a hotel in Ireland being miserable.  I wasn’t miserable after listening to Thee AHs.



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