Sauna Youth – Distractions


Now I know this isn’t a new release, and it isn’t something I’ve just come across.  But every time I play it I get the same buzz of excitement from the first time I heard it.  So it’s getting posted, whether you like it or not.

And you will like it, I promise  As previously stated on these pages, I’m quite old, so most if not all of the references I make will be about old bands.  This album takes me back to being a teenager, and I’m hearing The Clash or Another Music In A Different Kitchen or Damned Damned Damned for the first time.  This album is genuinely as good if not better than all 3 of those punk classics.


And it is punk.  I hear a lot of music nowadays that’s described as punk – and I’m sorry to be that old fart, but it just isn’t!  The people responsible may have punk ideals and attitude (whatever that means) but they aren’t playing punk rock, they’re playing rock.  Still good music, but it’s not punk rock.

But I digress – Distractions is as complete an album as I’ve ever heard.  If it has any fault, it’s not long enough, coming in at just over half an hour, but I guess you could argue the punch you in the face impact would be lessened if it was any longer than that.  From the opening drumbeats of single Transmitters (split with Monotony, the band’s alter ego), through the mechanical industrial repetition of Cosmos Seeker, the incessant beat of the Ramones inspired (“2nd verse, same as the 1st”) The Bridge, to  the pop magnificence and Witching Waves sounding (to me anyway) Try To Leave, Sauna Youth have in my opinion created the album of 2015.  In fact, lets not kid around here – it’s the best album I’ve heard in years.  Yes, I love the Seconds/Joya split, yes last year’s Witching Waves debut on Soft Power was superb and I already know I’m going to love their next soon to come release.  Yes, Courting Strong by Martha will continue to be my album of choice to make me feel better about the world.  None of them can match Distractions for intensity and power.  It’ll make you want to stand up and shout, scream at the world.  That’s what punk should be about, that’s what brilliant music should do, make you want to get up and do something.


To sum up – you need to buy this album, you need it in your life.  I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a classic album any more.  I’m led to believe that isn’t the way the world judges music now, it’s listened to in bite size pieces, where you can buy one track and ignore the rest.  You shouldn’t do that here, your world will be slightly less enjoyable if you do.  And I won’t talk to you anymore.


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