Storeetellers – Kiss Your Frogs, Hug Your Boos

11802799_1633313710245199_2196726030442613563_oSo there’s a festival held in Derbyshire called Indietracks, and everyone tells me I need to go because I’ll love it and it’s better than all the other festivals.  This year’s lineup says I should have gone – Martha, Feature, Evans The Death, Tuff Love, Chorusgirl, Flemmings, Grubs, Laura K, Colour Me Wednesday – all bands I love.  But I didn’t go, and I haven’t been, and who knows if I’ll ever go.

If I did go, I’d expect to see Storeetellers there.  They’re the sort of band I expect Indietracks to be all about.  Poppy, punky, a little whimsical, sticking 2 fingers up at the non-believers and having a party with everyone else.  They’re from California, so their expenses might be a little on the high side, but you never know.  They’ve got an lp coming out soon, but for now you can fill your boots with Kiss Your Frogs, Hug Your Boos, a 4 track ep available on Bandcamp.  There’s a bit of La Luz in there, and even a little Okinawa Picture Show if you listen carefully enough.  Don’t Hold My Hand is straight up fuzz pop, whilst Secretly Psycho is Talking Heads via Tacocat.  Go get it, get in early doors and tell everyone you knew Storeetellers before they did.



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