Supermoon – Comet Lovejoy

2ND RUN!!!!

The good folks at Alarum Records have been good enough to give us another chance to buy some Supermoon on real life cassette, in glorious navy blue!  So do yourself a favout, buy the tape, and then listen to some of the best fuzzy pop punk you could wish to hear!



We’re off to Canada again!  Yayy Canada!  I think my Uncle Billy used to live in Canada you know.  Haven’t seen him for about 35 years, don’t even know if he’s still alive.  He was funny, bit of a rogue by all accounts.

Anyway, this time I’m saying hello to Supermoon, a 4 piece “scrappy fuzz pop band” from Vancouver.  Don’t get them mixed up with the Supermoon from Edinburgh.  Or Texas.  Or Pittsburgh.  They’re all different.  This is Supermoon from Vancouver, and we’re talking about their 6 track ep that came out in June both on cassette and digitally.  The cassettes are sold out – yayyy cassette buyers – but you can get a digital copy here.

And you really should.  You’ll get 6 tracks of almost perfect pop (“almost” because they might give up if they reach perfection and we don’t want that, do we?).  They remind me of Feature, Cat Smell, and even The Wharves on the last track, Burnout Of My Dreams.  I’m sure some people who, unlike me, weren’t asleep between 1984 and 2013 will tell me they sound like a million other “scrappy fuzz pop bands”, and they could well be right, it isn’t breaking any new ground.  But who the hell cares?  All I know is that there’s a great band from Vancouver that has just released 6 songs for me and you to enjoy.  Go and buy them (it’s Name Your Price so you can get them for free if you want, but try and spare a few $ if you can, you know it makes sense), have a dance around and life will seem a bit better.  I promise.



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