tv ugly – ucla yankee cola

tv ugly

“New release from tv ugly” – that’s what the email said.  And I love emails like that, especially when it’s a new release from a band as good as tv ugly.  Gal, Rage, Alie and Dan (I think I’ve got that in the right order) are from Vancouver, Canada and they play superb garage pop/punk/rock.  I became aware of them recently via a Canadian friend (who will hopefully be providing regular updates from British Columbia over time – get on it Lindsay…..) and their ruff demos digital release, a collection of, urm, ruff demos. But not so ruff you couldn’t tell their are some superb songs here deserving of a wider audience.  Two of those tracks are included on this release, qc and night before, as well as a new song called slow thighs.

I’m always tempted to compare the band to Sonic Youth if Thurston Moore smiled a bit more, but that’s probably a little lazy.  To be (more) boring for a minute, the chord progressions and melodies show a natural talent for writing that few bands genuinely possess.

I think this is just a pre-release of a full ep coming soon, possibly on a physical format, in a few weeks time, but jump on it now because it’s nice to be early.  And if they’re reading this, please please please please put trash party island on the ep too.  Thanks for listening.uclaNote to the grammar police – don’t contact me about the lower case spelling.  I believe the band prefer to spell their name and songs that way.  Thank you.


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