Evans The Death / Poor Things – Glad Cafe, Glasgow21st July 2015

It’s not that often bands from London make the long trip up to Glasgow.  Or at least bands that don’t play the SECC and charge £50+ for a ticket through Tick*****ter.  So when Evans The Death, the band responsible for one of my favourite albums of the year so far, Expect Delays, added the Glad Cafe to their tour schedule, I jumped at the chance to see them.

First up were Glasgow’s very own Poor Things. It’s the second time I’ve seen the band and once again I was impressed.  Their pop/rock qualities come through in every song.  There’s a definite talent there for writing catchy tunes, and a hint of Teenage Fanclub, highlighted by songs like A Drunk Man Considers The Royal Wedding At Kelvingrove Park (how can anyone resist a title like that?!) and their contribution to the recent Gerry Loves Records split 7″, No Way, Jose.  They gave their all in front of what was a relatively small crowd.  I never understand why people will pay for a ticket and then not come and see the support act(s), but that’s a rant for another day.  You can pick up their self titled album here and you might still be able to get a copy of the 7″ split (also featuring Sharptooth, Pinact and Halfrican) from the aforementioned Gerry Loves Records.


And so to the headliners.  The band started up with an instrumental track, with one of those drum patterns that make old men like me look ridiculous because we can’t keep up with it – show offs…Then singer Katherine joined the band on stage as they played What’s In Your Pocket, a track from their first self titled lp.  The band are well into their UK tour and Katherine was suffering from a cold which meant some of the notes we’d normally hear from this glorious singer weren’t as accessible as normal, but that didn’t spoil the enjoyment in any way.
Expect Delays and Sledgehammer followed from this year’s album.  A broken string didn’t stop them, with thanks to Poor Things for providing the backup guitar, and a lengthy set followed, playing songs from both albums and some unreleased material too, always great to hear. The last official track was Intrinsic Grey, but as the night was still young the band stayed on stage and treat us to another half a dozen songs until they ran out of songs to play.  All for £6 Mr Tick*****ter!

DSC_0075 DSC_0077 DSC_0083

Evans The Death are a difficult band to squeeze into a genre, which is one of the reasons I like them so much. Drowned In Sound used the phrase “weirdo-pop” but they’re anything but weird.  They’re just incredibly talented song writers with a penchant for soaring melodies and good pop songs.  Don’t really need anything else, do you?  Great band, great set, great gig.  Evans The Death are Dan (Guitar), Olly (Bass and amazing hair), Katherine (Vocals – incredible vocals), James (Drums) and Daniel (Guitar).  Go and see them.

set list

And if Katherine happens to read this, here’s the single!



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