Cruising – Cruising ep

I got one of those jump up and down moments a few months ago, when listening to the Dandelion Radio Festive 50 and Cruising made an appearance at number 29.  A very limited edition cassette from Soft Power Records that I loved to bits had made it into the Festive 50.  That’s exciting isn’t it?  Of course it is.  You’ve got to love a song when your teenage son complains “But you can’t hear what they’re singing!”.  I loved it so much I bought another one, but that’s another story and Trev at Odd Box has got it now.


That was in April 2014, and Cruising are back with a new self titled ep being released by Tough Love Records.  If you don’t know them already, they are a four piece from Dublin and Belfast, often called a super group due to their association with other bands, September Girls, Girls Names, Sea Pinks and Logikparty, they are Benni Johnston (Vocals), Claire Miskimmin (Guitar/Bass) Neil Brogan (Guitar/Bass) and Sarah Grimes (drums).  And they’re astonishingly good.  Judging from the 2 tracks that have been released so far, Safe Corridor and a remake of You Made Me Do That, the sound they’ve got on this release is quite far removed from last year’s release, which was recorded live as it was being written.  This time round they’ve been to a “freezing railway arch studio in Dublin” and they’ve come up with a much cleaner sound.  Maybe it’s the old punk in me, but I have to admit I prefer the old anarchic version of You Made Me Do That, although my son will be pleased to know you can hear the lyrics now!  They’re still great songs, they’ve retained the same punk rock/fuzz/scuzzy sound, and they still make you want to punch the air and dance as badly as Al Pacino.

It’s coming out on vinyl, limited edition of 300, and the first 100 will be on hot pink vinyl.  Due for release 14th August, you can pre-order them from here  And you should.



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