Flemmings – Shake Well Before Use

When my love of music was rekindled in 2013, one of the things that often confused me was use of the term Punk.  I lived through the original punk explosion in the 1970’s, and subsequently I have a (probably very annoying) habit of almost sneering when someone tries to attach the word to styles of music that I wouldn’t associate with Punk.  I know, music moves on as much as language and I’m just getting old.  But it is weirdly comforting, for someone who champions new music above everything else, that there are bands out there that are clearly influenced by 70’s punk and aren’t afraid to show it.  Flemmings are one of those bands, and Shake Well Before Use is their latest release.  Coming out tomorrow (20th July) on a very limited edition of 50 cassettes on Odd Box Records, a wonderful label from London responsible for some great punk and pop releases since 2009.  As they say themselves, Part punk, part pop, all heart.

Back to the cassette – track 1 is Get Away From Me Right Now, which reeks of Eddie And The Hot Rods, but it’s a bread baking, grass cutting type of reek, rather than a dog farting – if you catch my drift.  Big chords, shouty chorus, anthemic.

I’m Afraid I’m A Jerk (the second track, not a confession) is a much faster, more hardcore type of song, reminds me a little of Push Ups.  So and Stone Circle, tracks 3 and 4, are more a mixture of the first two, but none the worse for that.  You’ll want to shout, you’ll want to join in, you’ll want to be a part of it – whatever it may be.

Flemmings aren’t ripping up the rule book or breaking new ground.  But they write superb songs, are damn good and deserve your support.  Any band that includes Cat Smell in the thank you notes is okay with me.


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